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The price is hot! – Sweepstakes to attract visitors to the stand

 Have you had a fantastic trade fair construction designed for you and are now surprised that the visitors do not linger on the stand for more than a minute? And even active communication is not enough to keep your guests busy? Then think about holding sweepstakes on your mobile exhibition stand. You won't believe it, but it works wonders when people can win anything. You might be interested in exhibition booth deisgn Dubai.

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Sweepstakes offer a unique opportunity for visitors to get involved, giving you the option of establishing direct contact with them. Organizing sweepstakes is the ultimate add-on if you want to generate traffic for your booth construction. While it doesn't replace the development of some interesting exhibition stand design ideas, it can add traffic to your exhibition stand construction. However, to avoid possible problems during the sweepstakes, you should plan this measure well. Know more about exhibition stand design.

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Generate desires even before the trade fair begins

Check your customer list and send an email to everyone before the trade fair is set up. Use the MailChimp mailing application – it is a real lifesaver when it comes to informing your customers about new developments via mailing. Inform your contacts about the planned competitions. You can also use social networks. Share the idea on Facebook and remind the social media world that they are running sweepstakes with attractive prizes at their mobile booth. Learn more about exhibition stand design Dubai.

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Test which sweepstakes work for your target groups

You need a moderator if you want to run sweepstakes. Of course, you can also do it yourself or hire an employee to do it. However, a professional moderator is an optimal solution. If in doubt, ask your trade fair construction service – they will certainly know some good candidates. Get to exhibition stand builders in UAE.

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In any case, the competition should have something to do with your product or service, which is the focus of your exhibition setup. To develop games that deal with the exhibits on the exhibition stand. Make sure that visitors participate in the games who also know the substance of the products and are familiar with your company and products. 

Generate Qualified Leads!

Holding sweepstakes with attractive prizes is a great way to get additional information and data from visitors. Finally, participants will not refrain from providing you with personal information if the prizes are attractive. Again, make sure your prizes have some value

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too. Contests create excitement, but it's your responsibility to capitalize on them. Act quickly and strategically. Icebreaker games lighten the mood and give you time to get closer to the participants. That should lead to sales pitches and email exchanges. Are you looking for exhibition stand design ideas?.

Don't lose sight of the budget

Include the prices in your budget. Every euro counts!

Keep in mind - also considering the budget - that you will need to increase your stand crew if you want to run sweepstakes on the stand. Avoid bidding on prizes that are too valuable. Your trade fair stand design ideas are ultimately important. If it is sufficiently creative, many visitors will come to you anyway. 

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Which sweepstakes should you run?

Here are some ideas for you to explore:

  • wheel of fortune
  • guessing games
  • Photo Contest
  • Golf
  • useful information
  • wheel of fortune

A wheel of fortune is a fun trade show booth idea to get people interested in your trade show booth design. A large, colourful wheel creates interest in your booth construction and gives visitors the feeling of being in a game show.

Here are some tips to make your bike more attractive. Make sure it's big and colourful. Mount lamps on it to create more flair. Promote a grand prize like cash, a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant, or a coveted digital device.


Everyone likes a good quiz. The questions should be specific to your company or your industry. This is a fun way for visitors to learn more about you and your business. This information will likely stick in your guests' minds long after the show is over - while you watch the competition. Use a popular quiz format that should be familiar to visitors. Offer attractive prizes and give away a few giveaways even if the answers are wrong - then these visitors will also feel like winners.

photo contests

Photo contests are popular and inexpensive promotions. They are great for optimizing your social media marketing campaign. Simply give contestants a hashtag to attach to their social media posts. At the end of the day at the fair, select a winning photo and the lucky winner will be emailed to pick up the prize at your mobile booth. 


Incorporating a game of golf into your trade show presence is the perfect way to attract visitors. You can be sure that enough visitors will fill your booth to improve their swing in a casual environment. Virtual golf games are inexpensive and allow for this marketing effort without breaking the budget.

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  • Suggestions for winnings

Cash - Might not be the best option as there is no connection to the brand, but hey, who doesn't like extra cash?

High-Cost Items - (Cars, Vacations, Expensive Electronics) - These are pricey but if you have the budget then by all means go for it!

A free trial of your service or delivery of your company's products. free samples? Yes, please! This will help your business as you will gain a lot of brand awareness. It is also relevant and useful to your target audience.

The price is hot! – Sweepstakes to attract visitors to the stand

 Have you had a fantastic trade fair construction designed for you and are now surprised that the visitors do not linger on the stand for mo...